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Cacele Digital, LLC is a private business development company (BDC), founded in 2018 in Saint Augustine, Florida. With investments in companies and brands consisting in various industries and markets, such as home service, franchising, technology and retail.

With an in-house team of top-level programmers, graphic designers, marketing professionals and investors, professional business strategies and technology are at the forefront of our company. As we continue to grow, we are committed to being a trusted partner and delivering exceptional solutions to businesses in the U.S. and around the world.

Here at Cacele, we seek to develop, create and acquire great ideas/companies and partner up with forward thinking individuals and business partners. Our success is based on three principles: 1. Innovation, 2. Technology and 3. Honesty. We build businesses with long-lasting financial goals, self-sustainability and rapid-growth potential.

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How It All Started And The Founders

  • William Geronco

    William Geronco

    CEO / Founder

William (Guilherme) Geronco (Chief Executive Officer - CEO)

William Geronco is the founder & Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Cacele Digital, LLC. From the age of 16, he began coding and designing websites, and by 18 he developed his own web-development and software business. Now at the age of 37, William and his close-knit team run several successful businesses and brands throughout the U.S. and around the world. His belief is that high-quality investments and financial management can help you reach your most important personal, family and business goals.

William helped develop numerous companies, including the following: Tina Maids Franchise, an innovative technology-based cleaning service which is quickly expanding throughout the U.S., Practice Bytes & Webelevated, providing Medical Marketing and digital marketing with proprietary software and technology to help medical practices and businesses of all types and sizes, Ultra IV, a popular on-demand mobile IV Vitamin infusion & NAD+ patch service and dozens of other businesses during his career.

Christina Geronco (Chief Operating Officer - COO)

Christina Geronco is the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Cacele Digital, LLC. Wiith many years of experience building and growing companies, she is responsible for the day-to-day operations and oversight of the many companies that Cacele invests in. Christina works towards meeting all business objectives and company goals, collaborating with managers and employees in setting and driving organizational vision, responsible for operational strategy, and acquisitions.

She helped develop Tina Maids Franchise, a home-cleaning service which originated in Saint Augustine Florida in 2018. Tina Maids Franchise now has more than 12 locations throughout the U.S., and is quickly growing. Along with Tina Maids Franchise, Christina has also worked on the development of Practice Bytes, Ultra IV and Printer Mix, along with several other companies.

  • Christina Geronco